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You know it's ALL ABOUT THE BASE, BOUT THAT BASE! Are you ready for some baseball?? The kids were awesome for me and I hope you enjoy the photos. As you may notice from year to year, I mix it up. One thing I don't like is the same pose over and over. I know this is a little different, but that's what I shoot for… different! I'm not a "cookie-cutter" photographer. I hope you enjoy the pics we take! Above is just a small list of items we carry, so play and have fun with the website… see ALL the products we offer! That being said, being a Southern Boone business means I LOVE taking pics in Southern Boone, however--popularity wins out. So, if you'd like us to shoot your games, be sure to let us know by sending emails/tweets/purchasing photos/etc… as other area schools have been catching on to what we do and we're getting booked pretty fast! Again, interest takes priority! So, send out the tweets and place your orders… I hope Southern Boone LOVES what we do!
Thank you for all your support!

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